The spirit of the holidays is upon us! It’s time to share your excitement with a collection of your closest friends and family! Your condo is the ideal venue for that perfectly festive soiree. Tinsel in hand and festoon your digs accordingly, and back it all up with a definitive and organized plan.

Here are a few tips that will put you at the top of your guests’ Christmas list; it’s not too late to be named Host of the year.

  1. First off have a plan and stick to it. Staying organized and prepping in advance is the secret to not only being the host with the most, but having a great time at your own party as well.
  2. The open-concept layout of your home wins you half the battle, along with the evening view and thoughtful layout. Plan the seating accordingly – not only for dining but also just socializing. Sometimes a partially pre-set table is better than a full one as it allows guests to utilize the dining area before dinner takes place.
  3. If you are cooking make sure you prepare things you are familiar with, don’t experiment try anything new. Save tackling something from Julia Child’s cookbook for the New Year. Keep it simple!
  4. Cocktails and refreshments are always a highlight, but being buried in time-consuming and complicated mixology techniques will bog things down and keep your guests thirsty. Prepare refreshments in advance, have lots of ice, and keep it straightforward.
  5. And last but not least make sure you have a party game or two in your back pocket. Cards Against Humanity, anyone?

Above all have fun. Let’s face, moods are contagious and if you are in an easygoing, fun-loving state of mind your company will follow suit. Your condo is a great place to live and a great place to celebrate all that life has to offer. Have a great time!