Hello, Sophia and Nicole here. This is our new space at The Kip District Tower One. Suffice it to say we are overjoyed to have two full bathrooms! We might be best friends, but that doesn’t mean we want to share a bathroom, naturally. Having the opportunity to furnish our new home, we wanted to keep things chic and modern, integrating a bit of bold colour and copper accents.

Spa-like bathrooms are definitely a must! The dip-dyed indigo shower curtain is the perfect element to add sophistication, but contribute to our little haven. We’ve also integrated a stunning ombre bathmat in one bath, and copper accents throughout for a hit of glamour. And scented candles in vetiver and cedarwood help set a mood.

We chose everything with style, comfort, durability, and affordability in mind. Chic yet calming on a budget. We love it! We hope you do, too.

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1. Shower Curtain – Blue Ombre Shower Curtain
2. Towels – Organic Pleated Edge Towels
3. Candle – Geo Metal Scented Candles
4. Basket – Copper Wire Storage Basket
5. Bath Mat – Ombre Bath Mat